Quilt Expo

What a great experience being at the Quilt Expo!  The Quilt Show downstairs was amazing but I didn’t really get lots of time to look at it because we were so busy on our stall. Karen and Meredith from Somerset Patchwork were fantastic and a big help to me but most of all the response from all of you was wonderful.  It was really encouraging to know so many of you out there shared my dream and thought the idea of a Quilters Retreat was a good one……..so thanks for the encouragment.  My husband and his father are up in Lancefield this week working to make sure the place is ready for our opening in June.  The next thing is to paint the outside of the cottage and the studio and we are thinking of cream and white but if anyone has ideas on specific colors then we would welcome them…….

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  1. Sarah Says:

    I picked up your card while speaking to the lovely Karen at AQC and just wanted to wish you all the best. You are doing something that was a dream my husband and I had many years ago, but children came along and the dream changed. Wishing you were closer to Adelaide though.

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