Birthday quilts

These are the quilts I made for my mother-in-law and mother for their special birthdays last year and the year before.  My mother-in-laws is made from the Kayes Cottage Range by Kaye England.

          mum_j_quilt                  mum_j_2

I love the colors of this quilt.  It was quilted by Gail Stewart of Balmoral Quilting in Bendigo.

Mum’s was a memory quilt which her family and friends all contributed to.  Everyone was sent a piece of quilters muslin and asked to work it however they wished.  Some people did patchwork, others embroidery and the grandchildren simply did pictures.  It was made up in Desley Regans design called Feathered Rose.




This quilt was quilted by Karen Styles at Somerset Patchwork.

Sorry if the photos aren’t that clear – now that I am blogging I will have to pay more attention to my photography!  These are photos taken at the time so I can’t edit them – and of course the quilts are in their new homes now so not available to photograph.

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