Back to school

School holidays are over – back to school tomorrow.  The girls have had a good holiday spending some time in Bendigo with Grandma and Grandpa and then with Aunty Nola and Uncle Richard, going to a couple of birthday parties, seeing High School Musical on Ice, winning another netball game and the rest of the time entertaining themselves at Lancefield; riding bikes, playing games and drawing.  It really has been entertaining themselves though as we have been working hard for the whole two weeks.  The difference over that time has been amazing!  With lots of help from family much has been achieved – we are up to the plastering in the studio – and it looks GREAT!  My mind is just buzzing with all the decorating ideas.  Lots of people have asked for photos and whilst I can’t show you everything yet as it is still a WIP (work in progress) I’ll show you some things we’ve done over the next few days.  Apologies to those of you who have already booked or are wanting to book I promise to send you all photos as soon as I have them.

PJ took to a few of the gum trees with the chain saw and removed a couple of branches – the trees look great and it was fantastic timing the day before Victoria was hit with those amazing winds.

PJ chainsawing

And, now we have a great woodpile for the combustion heater in the lounge room.

sewjourn_wood_2.jpg      sewjpurn_wood_3.jpg   wood_sewjourn_1.jpg   tree_and_wood.jpg

We had the fire going this week with a few chilly nights but it is so cozy that I didn’t need much excuse before lighting it!


The verandah deck also got some attention this week with a couple of coats of oil……


and the result is wonderful.


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