Once upon a time there was water connected to the Studio so we thought we’d dig and find the pipe rather than running a new one across…….So PJ dug, and dug, and dug…………..


Then we tried in a couple of other spots……


So we gave up and decided to have morning tea.  Just then two guys who are in the process of connecting natural gas to all of Lancefield came along to discuss where ours was to go…….and brought with them their wizz-bang equipment which can, of course, locate pipes!  So they kindly did so………we were digging in the right spot all along – PJ had dug down over 2 feet………and the pipe was another 4 inches down – the guy found it with one dig!  Thanks guys!

The building surveyor came last night and did an inspection – all going to plan so we can finish the plastering this weekend.  He dosen’t need to come back until it’s all finished so that’s good news.

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