Farmer’s Market

This Saturday was the Lancefield Farmer’s Market – only the second time that I have managed to be there when it is on – which is the fourth Saturday of each month.  It is in the median strip of the main street of Lancefield (two minutes walk from Sewjourn) and is a great country farmer’s market.  Stalls include local fruit and veges, fresh eggs, rare breed meats, local wineries, olives and oils and even some livestock (turkeys and chickens this month!)  There are also a number of other delicacies, mainly from around the Macedon Ranges region including yummy puddings, delicious pasta, pestos, spices and honey.   Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me to take photos of the market so that will have to wait until next month…….. We are going to update our website sometime this week with more details of the market vendors and also more about the local shops.  One special shop is Red Door Books………….I could get lost in there for hours. 

Mal finished most of the sanding of the plaster this weekend.  True to what everyone told us plastering takes a lot longer than you expect and it is a really messy job so full credit to Mal (and his helpers) for what he has done.  It does put the pressure on as far as sticking to our time plan though………but I think we both work best under pressure anyway!  


I spent most of the weekend (apart from a small amount of painting) in the garden.  I weeded………and weeded………and gathered up autumn leaves………….

And planted out some new trees and a hedge across the front fence.

Divided up some agapanthus and even paid some attention to the cactus garden.  At first this section of the garden was going to go but as time has passed it has grown on me……….and as someone said, at least it is alive having been given no attention over the past few years!  So at this stage I might just work with what we have and leave it there. 

The roses have been beautiful but I think this is the last of this years blooms.


We are getting closer to polishing the floor boards- which means closer to the exciting part of decorating and closer to being able to show you all some more photos!


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