Quilt Fabric Delights

There’s nothing more uplifting than when other people share your excitement…….and that’s how it’s been since we started talking to everyone about Sewjourn!  So imagine how I felt when I read this on Sarah’s blog today – WOW!  She also runs a great online store which has some gorgeous fabrics and even her own range of patterns.

                                                                                                    I Love Little Delights Patterns

Sewjourn is only 30 minutes from the airport so we’re hoping Sarah can come and stay one day………………..

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  1. suse Says:

    Hello there. I see I’m on your sidebar, so I suppose that means you read my blog! If so, you’ll see that I’m part of a regular group of women who go away for craft retreat weekends. Your sewjourn place looks wonderful, and like it might be a great location for us to use. Could you tell me when it’s due to be finished, and your rates, etc? Ta!


    Thanks Suse – please refer to our website at http://www.sewjourn.net.au for further info – the website is still under construction though and will have more info and photos as we do more work (and when my husband gets time to update the website!)

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi there,

    I read this from QFD website, & I totally agree this is a delightful blog. I can feel the excitement of all the happenings & glad to see your dreams are becoming fulfilled. Good look to the venture, & hope I will have the opportunity to come down myself one day!

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