We’re up to the plastering stage and I think more people are understanding my vision each step of the way.  It’s a fantastic space – 6m x 8.5m with lots of light.  Once the plastering is completed it will all be painted Antique White USA, the same as in the house.  The exposed rafters look great.

We started from this…………




so I suppose people can be forgiven for wondering what we were up to!  But as time went on, walls were shifted, the ceiling and stairs removed, the new bathroom walls built and door hung…………….

The roof was repaired as was the back verandah.



All the electrics were installed and the plumbing was done.

Double glass doors were fitted at the back so as to show off the view.

fitting_door.jpg     double_doors1.jpg


Then the plastering was started.  There were lots of enthusiatic helpers on Saturday which made plastering a much easier task (and more fun too I think).


The bathroom and kitchenette still need to be fitted and flooring sorted out.  The reverse cycle split system and instant hot water are ready to be installed.  Then comes the fun part of decorating………..I have a gorgeous couch bought from eBay just before Christmas, two tables which will be pushed together most of the time giving a 3.3 x 2m working space, lovely bone china mugs and lots of other ideas which I will tell you as time goes on.

Soon though we need to get rid of this………………


so a skip or two will be in order!

3 Responses to “Studio”

  1. Sarah Says:

    It is going to look amazing!

  2. Allan Says:

    My wife wants to know who the good looking plasterer is?
    It must run in the family! Jan

  3. Cassie Says:

    The photos are great to see all of your hard work…and isn’t it paying off! I am looking forward to seeing the transformation in real life. It’s going to be so much fun to decorate!

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