Yo-yo ‘Quilt’

About a year ago I started making yoyos from 1930s fabrics to sew into a ‘quilt’ or throw.    I started making them the ‘old-fashioned way’ cutting out the templates around a tin of fruit but since then I have bought the Yoyo maker from Clover so any future projects will be made by this quick and easy method but for now I need to complete the remainder for the quilt in the same way I started.  It’s a good project to have though as it’s portable and great to take along to stitching nights if I don’t have any other hand work going (or if I just need something I don’t have to concentrate on because there’s too much talking to do!)  I’m probably only about half way through making yoyos for the quilt so it will be a project on the go for quite a while longer. 

yoyo1.jpg       yoyo21.jpg

The girls and I are staying home this weekend – netball, cousins’ birthday party etc but Mal and his trusty team of helpers are heading up to Sewjourn to finish the plastering in the studio.  Thanks guys!!!  That means next weekend when we have 4 days up in Lancefield we should be able to start painting in the studio……..now we are getting closer to the fun part……….the decorating!  I plan on doing quite a bit of sewing this weekend – there’s still a few quilts to finish before opening!  I’ve had lots of booking enquiries this week – thanks everyone – and keep an eye on the blog for more photos soon.

Have a good weekend – if you have time visit scrapbag and enter the competition to win a Kaffe Fasset fabric pack in celebration of Emma’s 100th post.

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  1. julie Says:

    Aren’t those yoyo makers fun, I’ve started making some out of my stash for a future project too. Your retreat sound lovely. We will keep it in my for our patchwork group. Good luck with all your reno’s.

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