400th birthday party

Lots of people have asked how we found the time to work it out, and the answer is I have no idea! I think it was in the Christmas holidays when we were sitting around with the girls doing some maths and we added up all the ages of my husband’s family…….starting with the grandparents right down to our youngest cousin who is 2. Anyway, we knew in May that it would all add up to 400! So plans for a celebration started and on Saturday night we had our first party in the studio at Sewjourn………the newly painted studio that is! (Thanks BJ, PJ and Mal!)


First there was a bonfire to get rid of some of the old wood and rubbish that were products of our work over the past couple of months……………

(It’s starting to look much more like it should now instead of a huge pile of rubbish!)

Then there was food and drink……… 

And of course no birthday party is complete without the party games!


It was lots of fun (how many pieces of chocolate can you fit in your mouth at once Kate????)

Anyway, amongst all the festivities there was plenty of work done on the weekend as well. The whole of the main room of the studio has been painted and the plaster has been hung in the bathroom area. It looks great! Don’t really have any photos to do it justice yet but will make sure I take some this weekend.

Here’s a couple from last Thursday when we were hanging the cornice……..you can tell from the haze how dusty it was!

There was some nice rain during the week which has been great for the new trees and shrubs that were planted last week. 

And now with my new gardening tools that I was given today………..they are all so color coordinated I might feel like I have to dress up to do the gardening!

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