Another quilt finished

 The Inverloch Quilt is back from the quilters and finished.

This one just needs the binding done…… was made from my stash – mainly left over from my mother-in-law’s quilt.

There’s another (almost) ready to go to the quilters and I have a couple more on the go – need to get moving as we are almost up to the decorating stage at Sewjourn.  Mal was up there this weekend sanding the floor boards…… took longer than he expected so he hasn’t actually put any polish on them yet – either during the week or next weekend – it’s looking good though (from the photos on his mobile phone!)

 I’m also doing the Tate Stars Quilt Class with Meredithe at Somerset Patchwork in June so want to get most other projects finshed before I start that.  It’s a gorgeous quilt which I plan to hang in the studio.

The girls and I stayed in Melbourne this weekend and we spent most of the day on Sunday at gymnastics competitions!  It was the first comp of the season and they both did really well – No. 2 daughter’s team won all apparatus and overall for Level 2 and No.1 girl’s team won medals on all apparatus and came 2nd overall in Level 3!  Well done girls.  It’s our home comp in two weeks time with all 3 of them competing………..which means Mum (AKA ME!!!) lucky enough to spend all day from about 8am to 5pm there because of course they are all in different levels which means they compete at different times……..

My awesome in-laws are heading up to Sewjourn tomorrow for the rest of the week to do some more painting, plant some bulbs and finish off a few more odd jobs…….can’t wait to see all the progress next weekend!

I’m currently planning 3 Christmas-In-July days at Sewjourn so stay tuned for more details!


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  1. Dale Wain Says:

    Well done on finishing the Inverloch quilt Jan it looks great. Now we need another holiday to have another quilt to name after it, The Port Douglas quilt?, The Cable Beach Quilt????

  2. Jan Says:

    Hmm – what about The Fiji Quilt? Or the Kakadu Quilt? I’m open to suggestions!

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