Still polishing the floor boards……

It’s taken longer than planned and it still isn’t finished yet but I’m sure the boards will look great once they are polished!  Hopefully Mal will get to finish them off this weekend and things at Sewjourn will start moving more quickly again.  Thanks to some help from our dads the painting of the windows is apparently almost finished…….I haven’t been there for two weekends now so am dying to go up sometime this week to see the progress.

Life at home has been busy though with lots of work, children’s activites (the Angels won netball again!) and sewing going on.  Will have a few more things to show you soon.  Have also been busy working out the final details of our ‘Christmas in July’ days which will be posted on the blog in the next couple of days….it all sounds great and we are really excited……..pressure is on though to have everything ready by the start of July!

A lovely mum at school has offered to paint me a canvas of our logo to hang at Sewjourn – what a great idea!  Thanks, Nola.

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