Last weekend…

My weekend consisted of 10 hours at a gymnastics competition followed by a 12 hour shift at work on Sunday…….the up side of the long shift is that I now have the next 3 Sundays off work so there will be no rushing back from Sewjourn which means more time to get things done……..and boy do we need the time to get things done!!  Everything is going really well but there is still quite a bit to do and time is running out….!

The floorboards are finally finished, I haven’t seen the end product yet but had a sneak preview when I made a flying visit on Saturday night to drop off 3 tired gymnasts to ‘help’ their dad on Sunday.  Anyway, it was looking great then and the photos look good so I’m sure it will be fantastic – it was a fine balance between having all the heating and fire on to warm the place enough so the polish would dry and letting the cold air in so that the flammable fumes didn’t ignite!  The joys of renovations!  My husband deserves a medal (and a holiday!)  Here’s a couple of sneak previews……..

Anyway, we have poured over the project plan again tonight and all going well we will be ready for July…….which is great for all the lovely ladies who have inquired about our ‘Christmas in July’ days.

Matteo came back on the weekend and fitted off most of the electricals……and more importantly as far as I’m concerned hung two of my chandeliers in the studio.  Again the photos look great but I can’t wait to see the real thing.


The outside painting is finished now and looks wonderful – I love the lace work back up on the studio.





And the wood shed is built to protect all our wood for some lovely fires next year….



3 Responses to “Last weekend…”

  1. Sarah Says:


    It is looking absolutely delightful. I think I would like to move in.

  2. Gillian - aka Silly Gilly Says:

    I’ll bring the marshmallows! Don’t you just love the gloss of new floorboards! And the chandeliers are great. I’ve been keeping up with the renos as you’ve been posting them. How exciting!

  3. Cassie Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it, xx.

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