A busy week

It’s been a long time between posts – sorry!  Last week was an exceptionally busy week.  Monday and Tuesday I went up to Lancefield both days and tried to organise some more decorating for Sewjourn – hung a few more things on the walls and then took some pics to take with me to the Craft and Quilt Fair.




Then it was four days at the Fair from Thursday to Sunday……..it was exhausting but SO much fun.  Thanks to all the lovely ladies who came up and made themselves known to me – it’s really great to meet you in person and very encouraging to know you are reading my blog!  I had a great time helping out on Somerset Patchwork’s stall – it’s always so busy (which is great because I get to talk to lots of people about Sewjourn) and I learn SO much from Karen and Meredith and come away ready to do more quilting – they inspire me to push my limits!  So, here’s hoping there will be some projects completed and some new ones started in the near future.

I was very disciplined over the four days and all I bought was some Harper’s Ferry fabric which I plan to do a hexagon quilt with – can’t wait until the other half of the range comes in!





In the midst of the four fair days I also managed to go to a School Fundraiser (saw Mamma Mia and had lots of laughs!), attend a going-away party (Good Luck in Hong Kong Trudy and Kev) and go to a friend’s 40th (Happy Birthday Jodes!) so today I am having a rest!!!  This week I need to go and welcome two baby girls (who are now 3 and 4 weeks old!), catch up on some housework and washing (piles of it) and do some work (which has been sadly neglected lately).  Also waiting for two more babies to be born!  As far as Sewjourn goes we need to finish the bathrooms ready for our first guests.  Also organising a weekend with my girlfriends in a couple of weeks as I thought we should be the first to officially have a Craft Retreat/Girl’s Weekend away!

Here’s a few more photos from Sewjourn and I will post more during the week…….


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  1. Kathy Pitt Says:

    Hi Jan
    Just spread the word at my work, all are very keen to have a day at Sewjourn, congratulations


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