Off line

There’s been no posts lately because I have been up at Sewjourn for over a week (no access to the internet – nice on one hand but I feel very lost without it on the other!) Everyone has been working really hard and I’m pleased to report that it is looking GREAT!  We had a fun ‘Christmas in July’ day yesterday and all the ladies were really positive about Sewjourn which is exciting and encouraging…….have just popped back to Melbourne to work tonight but promise to seek out some internet connection to show you some photos in the next couple of days……..lots to see and show so stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Off line”

  1. dale Says:

    Hi Jan,

    Hope you got my text’s. I am sorry I couldn’t be there. I am looking forward to seeing you when I return from NZ. Hoping to come up and do the card weekend.

  2. June Layton Says:

    Had a wonderful day at Sewjourn on Saturday. The setting is great and the restoration of the Studio and the House is amazing. Five of us travelled from Bendigo and were treated to a scrumptious morning tea and lunch. We are looking forward to returning to spend some time there doing our craft work.
    Marie, Rhonda, Glenyce, Jan & June.

  3. Bonnie Flint Says:

    I too spent the day at Sewjourn on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I was very impressed with the lovely setting and the beautifully restored and tastefully decorated House and Studio. What a wonderful place to spend time relaxing and enjoying some craft work with fellow craft enthusiasts. I had a quick look in the town centre, which was not far away, and discovered a supermarket and some lovely little shops.
    I am looking forward to returning soon.
    Thank you Jan for a lovely day and the delicious lunch.

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