Building Inspector……

The building inspector came on Thursday and basically the only comment he made was that we needed to tile behind the sink in the kitchenette and the vanity in the bathroom of the studio.  Although it was a bit of a pain at the time (had always planned on doing it but wasn’t high on the list of priorities of things to be done by next weekend) it didn’t actually take that long and it looks great!


My other surprise when I got to Sewjourn Saturday evening was bedroom 3 which my father-in-law had painted completely white!  It looks fantastic, so different to last weekend when you could still see the plastered up doorway between it and the new bathroom!  Well done PJ – you are a star!

Although there is lots of cleaning and sorting out to do this week there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.  One small hitch is that one panel of the shower screen shattered into a million pieces when my husband tried to cut it down……..nothing that can’t be fixed and it wouldn’t be a ‘real’ renovation without a few things not going to plan (just don’t need too many more this week!)

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