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When birds started appearing in homewares a couple of years ago I wasn’t  all that taken with them but I must say they have grown on me (maybe it’s something to do with the peacock on our front door) and I just love these little birds given to me by a good friend which will help decorate Sewjourn. 

Even bought some ‘bird’ fabric a little while ago but not sure what I will do with it yet……

Well done BUGS!!!

Yesterday afternoon daughter no. 2 competed in the Level 2 State Pennant for gymnastics and they qualified for the State Finals next week – WELL DONE BUGS!!! It was a very long competition as there were over 120 girls competing so I passed the time when our girls weren’t on apparatus reading this book  which has gotten me really hooked!

Yesterday morning a friend and I went to the Sister’s Market at Brunswick Town Hall – well worth going to next time it is on  lots of lovely crafty things!  I met the girls from mixtapezine briefly and bought a copy of Issue 5 which looks fantastic – haven’t had the time to sit down and read the articles properly yet but hopefully tonight after work…….

Meanwhile, Mal and the other girls are up in Lancefield working hard – the new bathroom is apparently progressing well – at least the toilet is connected up in it now but there’s still lots more work to do over the next couple of weeks however!  Bought bunks this week so everything is really getting ready to go……girlfriends and I are getting excited about ‘our’ weekend to test everything out!

Crotcheted rug

My Mum has crotcheted this gorgeous bedspread for one of the beds at Sewjourn.

I have never been much of a knitter (or crotcheter) as Mum just did all that!  She has taught the girls to knit though and they enjoy making little dolls scarves.  I did go to a wool sale nearby in Ashwood last week though and bought some wool……some for the girls but also for me to have a go at knitting some cushions for Sewjourn…….lots of my friends are having fun knitting at the moment.  Also bought some felting wool, felt flowers to sew onto a cushion and some felt flower pins (in lots of different colors as they were 50c each!) which I’ve been having fun wearing.