Enjoying themselves…

I’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely comments and useful suggestions from our ‘First Guests’ – if everyone enjoys themselves as much as these ladies (and leaves Sewjourn looking as clean and tidy as they did!) then we are in for a fun time…..!   Thankyou ladies!!

Here’s a few photos of them relaxing, creating and enjoying……..


Along with Linda’s Christmas Quilt  these girls and their quilt tops will be amongst the first on our ‘Sew n Tell’ page of the website.

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  1. Dyanne Says:

    A little note to you Jan and your busy ‘little beavers’ for having Sewjourn ready and waiting for us on Friday.The first of us to arrive got straight into it after familiarising ourselves with Lancefield and boy! we didn’t stop. That is either sewing, solving the problems of the world, eating or drinking……it was a bit hard to go to bed! Watch out we are planning more visits.

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