Free time to play…..

Monday, the ‘official’ start to the school holidays we met a couple of friends, one from Ballarat, at Ardrie Park.  It’s such a great park – the younger children can go into the fenced off play area whilst the older ones can run to their hearts content – and they did until the rain was heavy enough for the mums to call it a day.  We ended up at Chaddy and spent ages in Borders where I picked up the latest copy of Australian Quilters Companion which has a DVD by Meredithe on how to use perspex templates for quilting – well done Meredithe!  The only crafting the girls did on Monday was draw a design to embroider.

Tuesday, we had two extra girls for the day – lots of fun.  The day started with a 3D jigsaw…….everyone really did work well together.


Then we progressed onto cooking.  It was good fun – I love cooking but haven’t really done that much (apart from quick and easy family meals!) this year.  We started with muffins (chocolate and caramel of course)

Then choc chip cookies (full of M&Ms)…………Kate did have an apron on but still managed to get covered in chocolate…….


The finished products looked good……..and were very yummy too!


Next on the menu was Pizza Scrolls for lunch.  Everyone was keen to help rub the butter into the flour!  These were simple and delicious – even if we did forget the cheese!


Afternoon craft activity was making cards – all 5 girls were occupied for hours!  I had a small play with my Stampin’ UP! stamps – especially the new jumbo wheel which is fantastic!  I think I could get quite hooked on this.

Today was a lazy day – did go looking at sewing machines – I would like to get a basic one for the girls to use……..any suggestions?  I have seen a couple of eBay but just not sure.  The girls drew their embroidery patterns onto calico but that was all the crafting that happened today…………there’s always tomorrow.

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  1. Moira Says:

    Wow Jan- Do you take bookings at your house for the school holidays?? … For adults too????
    (Can I come??)
    Looks like you and the girls & their friends have been having a great week!!!!
    (& a well deserved family holiday at home!)
    Cooking, craft, & family time together having fun- There’s nothing quite the same, is there!
    Moira x

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