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Another Christmas Quilt finished…..

One of the lovely ladies from our ‘Christmas in July’ day emailed me this photo last week of her completed quilt – well done Linda – it looks great!

Now she’s looking forward to her weekend at Sewjourn with her stitching friends.

First guests

Our first guests stayed at Sewjourn on the weekend and from all accounts had a great time…….they say they will be coming back so I guess that says something!

The week leading up to the big ‘first’ was pretty crazy – in fact these photos are from 1am the night before……


But by the time the lovely ladies arrived everything was looking great – thanks to some help from Cassie on Friday morning!


We all had a very relaxing weekend – the first one for the year that all 5 of us were home all weekend – and we feel much better for it!  So apologies for no posts for a couple of days but it’s been just time to draw breath.  The much promised ‘before and after photos’ will be posted over the next few days so please keep looking and let me know what you think.  (Still have technical problems with the photos from our girls’ weekend so have to get that sorted before I can post them – but trust that we relaxed, we created and we enjoyed…lots.)