All my friends know that I am definately a fabric girl not a paper girl – Scrapbooking although very popular has never really taken my fancy but a couple of weeks ago I had a Stampin’ UP party for my sister who has recently become a demonstrator and I think I am hooked.  I love their range of stamps and papers and have already made a couple of cards with my goodies………trouble is the sensible part of me knows I don’t really a) have time for another hobby b) have the space in my house for even more crafting supplies and tools or c) have the money to spend on yet another crafty pastime…………  But then I don’t always listen to the sensible part……….  I sort-of justified my purchases by the fact that I am going to use gorgeous paper and stamps for my Information Book at Sewjourn so that’s a WIP.  Another plus is that my girls all LOVE making cards and with the school holidays here it’s a great activity for us all (we are staying home these holidays, all looking forward to just being here and chilling out after such a busy year and being away so much of the time so we have decided that these will be our ‘Crafty Holidays’!)

A couple of my friends have put their purchases to good use though this weekend……….it’s such fun having crafty friends and sharing ideas, projects and (for these girls anyway) finished items. 


Bonnie made these lovely bags for her daughters 18th birthday party on Saturday night…….it was a French Theme.

And Suzie made these goodie bags for her daughter’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon – it’s not a great photo because they’d already been handed out when I arrived so had to prise them off a few 6 year olds who watched anxiously and wouldn’t let me have them for long enough to be really artistic!



I did manage to snap this photo of her lovely kitchen display on the way out though…..didn’t realise until I was posting it now though that she has Sewjourn business cards on display!!! (Thanks Suzie)





I can’t imagine not being surrounded by craft really – my Mum has been crafting constantly for as long as I can remember as do her friends, my sister and a lot of my friends too.  Now my girls seem to have caught the bug……….I assure my husband there could be much worse addictions!

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