Potato people

Yesterday we went with some friends to the Botanical Gardens and the younger girls did a Potato workshop – story, planting potatoes and making potato people.  They had lots of fun.  So did we sitting in the sun afterwards whilst they ran cartwheeled around on the grass.  The only down-side is having to wait so long in line at the Observatory Cafe for a coffee!

School holidays are going too fast for me………I love the lazy mornings and doing fun things.  Having spent so much of the year (almost every weekend) up at Lancefield I think we are all enjoying just being at home.

2nd day of ‘Share your Stash’ – this is a fabric from Amy Butler’s first range, Gypsy Caravan.  It’s also in the first quilt I ever made.  It’s out of production now so I am hesitant to cut into it!  It’s still one of my favoroites.

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