I think it’s a great place but it’s SO good that others agree!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that others are enjoying Sewjourn – that was our original idea and dream and I just can’t stop smiling to know that it’s really happening!  All the guests that have stayed have been really positive but the girls this weekend have had a ball…….they’ve even given me their dates for regular bookings next year!  You can read what they have to say here and here (and I did NOT put them up to this!!!!!)  Best of all it gives me new incentive to do all the extra crafty bits and pieces I have in mind for Sewjourn so that there are some new things for them to ooh and ahh over next time………now, just to find the time to actually do some crafting!  A lovely friend did give us a Horn Sewing Cabinet yesterday which will be great to store the ‘girls’ new sewing machine in, so I need to reorganise the front room a bit which is a good excuse to pull out some half-finished projects.

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  1. Dale Says:

    Well you can’t get better advertising than that. I am going to get different groups of friends together to go on lots of weekends also. Can’t wait to catch up Jan.

  2. Cassie Says:

    How wonderful to see people enjoying all the details! It must make your heart sing….well done. xx

  3. suse Says:

    Jan, I had such a wonderful time. Your thoughtfulness in every way (decorating, providing, etc) made the weekend just perfect.

    I’ve put lots of photos on flickr as well as my blog, and do look at Janet (muppinstuff)’s photos too as she’s a brilliant photographer.

    If there are any photos of mine you’d like for your online gallery/show and tell, please let me know.

    Thanks again!

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