My own retreat

Just had a wonderful long weekend here

We did a bit of gardening (but much much more needed) – a few spots are looking good though……..

Went on a family bike ride to Romsey (8kms but a great bike track all the way) and everyone did really well, even in the rain on the way home!   The fit one in our family didn’t have much sympathy for my sore backside given that he’d riden from Melbourne to Lancefield the day before (and back today). The girls and I also went for walks every morning which is one of their favorite things when we are in Lancefield.

Mal couldn’t resist doing a few more ‘handyman jobs’ – and we have a sliding fly screen door at the back to show for it…………

I also got some much overdue ‘crafty time’ – luxury having the whole studio to myself!


I would have finished this simple quilt top (fabrics purchased this day) had I not left one of the fabrics at home!  Got some more yoyos done for the curtain in one of the bedrooms – only about half way along though…………


………and made some ‘Welcome’ cards for the next few lots of guests to stay.

2 Responses to “My own retreat”

  1. andrea Says:

    I can sympathise with you on the riding. I only get on the bike twice a year and that is for school. I do Bike Ed. By the end of the first day I know I should have strated much earlier with the practise. Love to see the goin ons in others daily life. Will be back for another visit soon

  2. Dale Says:

    Wow what a luxury weekend. I love the fabrics on the quilt, whose are they. The cards look amazing. Might need to start a once a month card night to keep us up to date and pool resources. I have almost finished the Kaye’s cottage quilt top. Just the last border to put on. Do you remeber how wide you did the last border?


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