Sunday Stash No. 10

Hard to believe that it’s Sunday again already!  There’s not many posts happening in between Sunday Stash ones at the moment – but there’s lots happening in ‘real’ life!  Four nights of gymnastic displays, Grandparents Day at school along with school swimming each day means some tired girls as well!  We did go around looking at Christmas Lights on Friday night until 10.30pm which did not help at all!  It was fun though.  One amazing place worth a look is 13 Narracan Street, Vermont South, if you are in the area.  And Saturday morning I had a very yummy High Tea with a gorgeous group of mums at this place – definately recommended!  Unfortunately I forgot my camera but if I get hold of any of the photos taken I will post them just to show how lovely it is!

Now to the stash………..

A cute Kokka fabric with matryoshka dolls – from one of the road trips.

PS.  Did I mention that I was given an Amitie voucher as ‘thanks’ for coaching Ella’s netball team???  So sometime soon I will be able to add more to the stash………..

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  1. CurlyPops Says:

    Wow, what a perfect gift!

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