UFO brunch

Our end of year celebration this year was brunch.  We had more people come to that than any UFO night during the year (LOL!)  But it was fun.

Dale set us a challenge for this year, the rules being:

1. Everyone was given a fat quarter.

2. You need to incorporate this into a completed project by this time next year.

3. You cannot add this into an existing project.

4. You can choose to show this project as you go along or keep it a secret until the ‘unveiling’.

5. The project can be big or small, anything you want, but needs to be completed by our Christmas breakup next year.

This is my fabric…………


Lots of ideas, now just need to put one of them into practice!

2 Responses to “UFO brunch”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Jan…..would make a lovely bag….but I am sure you have many great ideas…..try not to leave it to the last minute…looking forward to seeing the finished article…hugs….Linda…
    ps…have a lovely christmas…thanks for the pudding recipe I will have to try it

  2. Suzie Says:

    How great it was to see everyone for brunch. Dale spoils us so!! and as for that challenge set by Dale mine is done …..No Just kidding!! Need to give it lots of thought, but I love my fabric. Looking forward to another productive year in 2009. Merry Christmas

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