Back to school…

Thank goodness our lovely little school has air-conditioning because we started the school year yesterday which means two days of over 43 degrees in a row as a welcome back!  And last night temps in Melbourne only dropped to about 26 degrees (and that was only for a short time early this morning)…..but the weather man is promising us a cool change later this afternoon – hopefully we should drop back down to 35!  Needless to say there was no ‘outside play’ at lunchtime and I’m sure not heaps of ‘work’ was started!  (I have to be a bit careful what I say as I know that Kate’s teacher for this year reads my blog!) The holidays seemed to fly by for us but it’s kind of nice to be back into routine.

Our garden is really showing the signs of the hot weather and I hate to think what it’s like up at Sewjourn but I’m heading up there tonight to get ready for tomorrow so I will see……it’s certainly not looking as lovely as it was at Christmastime.  Thank goodness the studio has air-conditioning so we should have a cool day as well as a fun one!

One of the mums at school reminded me yesterday that my new years resolution was to finish one UFO per month………hmm the end of January is PRETTY SOON (do the holidays count???) so will have to think about what I will do tomorrow in between entertaining my guests.  With a bit of luck we might start to see some crafty things on this supposedly-crafty-blog.  Worst case scenario I will show you some pics of what all the other lovely crafty ladies do tomorrow.

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