Happy New Year!  As always it’s the time for making declarations and planning for the year ahead…….I’ve decided to keep it simple to avoid the disappointment of not living up to all the declarations made!

1.  Have a quieter year – shouldn’t be that difficult as it would be hard to have a busier year that 2008.

2.  Do some more crafting rather that just reading about it on blogs and dreaming (and buying the supplies!)

3.  Aim to be ’40 and fit’ rather than ‘frumpy and 40’ – I have until mid-year to achieve this!

There’s lots of UFOs that need finishing so the aim would be to finish one project a month but I won’t go into more detail than that suffice to say I will show you photos when the projects are done.

So far the year has started off nicely with some more relaxing, a day at the Hanging Rock Races and a wedding last night.  We are off to an afternoon tea in the Fitzroy Gardens today to continue the wedding celebrations in perfect Melbourne weather.  Hope you are enjoying your start to 2009.

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  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Hi Jan – Happy New Year to you too! I can definitely relate to No. 2 and No. 3 (though not quite 40 yet hehe!, but the ‘frumpy’ – oh, yes) I don’t want a quieter year this year – I want it full full full of sewing and friends and kids and work and holidays…….so maybe I just want it all mwhahaha!

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