Restored quilt

This afternoon (two days ago now thanks to our wireless router having a bit of a meltdown preventing me from publishing – maybe it has had enough of the heat also!!)  two friends and I visited the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square especially to see a restored antique quilt dated as 1840.  It was really amazing – so much broderie perse (applique)!  The colours of some of the fabrics were still very vibrant and the patterns were gorgeous – the longer we stood and looked at it the more we oohed and aahed!  (I think the two male guards standing nearby were watching us with much amusement!)  One of the most incredible things is that it has survived about 170 years.



Next we headed off to the Nicholas Building to Kimono House and Buttonmania.  I’d never been to either of these lovely shops before but had been wanting to for a while.  Buttonmania is certainly the place to visit if you are looking for that special button – they have them in all colors, shapes and sizes.

And Kimono House is wonderful – a treasure trove of Japanese fabrics, Kimonos and other treasures.  I purchased some sashiko needles so now there is no excuse for starting the kit I bought a few months ago.



What a lovely way to spend an afternoon………need to do some work tomorrow!

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  1. Smileykylie Says:

    OOh Jan this all looks so lovely, what a great day. :)Kylie

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