Sunday Stash No. 16

These are to make this bag.


Somehow it dosen’t seem right to be posting about fabric though with all that is going on in our state this weekend.  We’ve listened to the news reports all day and each time there is an increase in the number of people who have lost their lives in these devastating fires fresh tears well up.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones, property, been injured or touched in any way by the fires this weekend.

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  1. Anne Says:

    Hi Jan,

    How about a quilt-in to make some of those Sewjourn scraps up into quilts for the bushfire victims? I have a Southern Cross Quilters contact who makes charity quilts all the time who can ensure they go to real victims, not shops.

    Anne in Newport VIC

  2. Jan Says:

    Thanks Anne – there is certainly something in the pipe-line! I am just finalising details and will post the details on the blog as soon as I can and also send out emails to my newsletter list so stay tuned! (It’s taken me a few days to recover from the shock of last weekend before I could get my thoughts together!)

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