Sunday Stash No. 18

Well this isn’t strictly my Sunday Stash but it’s from a huge stash of fabric that Spotlight have kindly donated for our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much Spotlight – they are great!

The response has been wonderful – there are still many ways you can help out if you would like to.  In particular we need to get hold of some more batting and need some people to help with quilting the quilts.  Of course, any way you would like to help is greatly appreciated and if can come along on the day, fantastic! 

The lovely Bronwyn and her helpful husband have designed a button to put on your blog to let others know about our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much!!

(PS  If you need instructions on how to add to your blog, Bronwyn has it all covered here)

3 Responses to “Sunday Stash No. 18”

  1. CurlyPops Says:

    What a lovely donation of fabric.

  2. Sharelle Says:


    I am not sure how I can help – but is there a certain spec for the batting you need – as I could go on a hunt for some to help out. So please tell me what I need to ask for.

    It is a great idea and I am sure everyone affected would really appreciate something special and homemade to help rebuild their lives!


  3. Dale Says:

    Hi Jan,

    The fabrics from Sportlight are great and will work well with a quilt I have started today in blues and yellow’s, I might be able to add a border with some of the blues?
    Thanks Spotlight

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