Autumn days……

If there is a perfect weather day then I would have to say that Melbourne has it today…..which is great news for the girls at market.  Blue skies…….sun…… tinged grass thanks to some rain over the past couple of weeks……..mid-20’s (temperature that is, not age!)  These recent photos of the cactus garden at Sewjourn sum it up – not taken today but the same kind of day………more about the cactus garden soon – have had a draft post sitting there for ages but need the internet to be up to speed again to upload all the photos to go with it.


Not a lot more crafting going on here at the moment (apart from a few quilts) but did find this photo on my camera – taken at AQC (only got to see a few of the quilts) a month or so ago.  Gorgeous centre for a quilt……..still have all my Harper’s Ferry fabrics to do a hexagon quilt…….one day soon!

And to make the day yet more cheery – even more bookings!  There are so few weekends left free I’m wondering when I will be able to go up there myself!  But if the lady who enquired yesterday about 26-28 May reads this please contact me again as the email address you gave me bounces back 🙁

Off to birthday celebrations for my mother-in-law and brother-in-law.  We have to dress up as the years they were born……..but I’d best not say which years as that would be giving away their ages!  Should be lots of fun though.

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  1. Bronwyn Says:

    LOVE the cactus flowers! So prolific and unique – I know the plant can be so darn ugly, But, the reward of the flowers can be worth it – It looks quite old too – do you know any history of the garden from previous owners?

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