Blocks and backings for the Bee!

Have been sent lots of lovely blocks and even quilt tops for the ‘Bee’ on Saturday………and lots of lovely ladies have promised to come along also BUT there is always room for more!!!  So please if you have some time to spare on Saturday consider popping in (just shoot me off an email so I know who to expect) and do some sewing, cutting, chatting or just have a cuppa.  It looks like we will be making at least 20………probably more like 30 quilts SO we are going to need lots of help with quilting!  Thanks to anyone who I’ve already spoken to about hand quilting or machine quilting – I’ll be in touch with you next week. 

Meanwhile here’s a small sample of the gorgeous blocks that lovely girls have sent to me…………


Thank you so much to Jenny and Kylie who have generously supplied some extra backing fabrics and to Spotlight and Victorian Textiles for their donations also. 

We also decided at UFO tonight to raffle one of the quilts to raise money to get lots more of them professionally quilted………so stay tuned for the details of the raffle quilt (think it will be the one I make from this tutorial in lime green, blue and white………probably!)

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  1. trashalou Says:

    have a fabulous night and I shall be thinking of you all. Looking forward to the raffle.

  2. Lyn Metcalf Says:

    Hurrah! Great to see my blocks arrived. Have a terrific time at the Bee!

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