Busy Bees……

Wow, what a great day!  Last night I didn’t even have the energy to turn my computer on let alone type words in a sequence that would make any sense………but today I’m eager to share all that happened yesterday at our Quilting Bee.  It was a great day on so many levels.  Firstly, we were all there with the purpose of doing what we could to help those who have lost homes and family in the recent bushfires.  And what an effort girls – about 30 quilts in progress!  Secondly, what fun spending a day together sewing, chatting, eating, meeting new people and being inspired by each other’s creativity!

Set up ready to go…..

Work in progress……





Eating……. (thanks to 4 very special girlfriends who baked morning and afternoon tea for us – you know who you are!!)

Choosing colors……..


Some of the lovely quilts in progress………



The gorgeous Jeanette displaying her quilt backing bought in Singapore in 1967…….and red travel case taken on the same trip (now her sewing bag)!

She’d made this quilt for a friend of hers who had lost his home on Black Saturday and she had painted the border fabric with bleach to get her desired effect!!

Thank you so much to Dale, Bronwyn, Kaye, Diane, Suzie, Tracy, Maggie, Anne R, Michelle, Pam, Jonina, Jodie, Jeanette, Jo and Anne H for your great efforts and making the day so much fun.  Thanks also to all the lovely ladies who sent blocks, quilt tops or fabric to be used.  And to Lynda and the other kind lady (please email me and let me know who you are if you read this as I don’t remember your name!!!) who dropped in fabric and blocks on Saturday.  Last but not least thanks Yvonne for helping set up on Friday afternoon and then coaching the Angels to a 16-9 win in the first netball game of the season!

We are all getting together on Saturday 23rd May to bring back completed quilts and have a finishing off day – then we will be delivering the quilts to people we know who need them – packed in bags sewn by Mum’s sewing group in Bendigo and accompanied by gorgeous gift cards made by a friend Karelyn.

7 Responses to “Busy Bees……”

  1. Janellybelly Says:

    Awesome Effort Ladies!!! The quilts look gorgeous, can’t wait to see the finished masterpieces.

  2. CurlyPops Says:

    What a fantastic effort by everyone involved. The quilts are going to be beautiful!

  3. Suzie Says:

    Hi Jan,
    What a wonderful day at the working bee on Saturday. Thank you for organising the day you did a wonderful job bringing it all together. I had a fabulous time and very much looking forward to our next day in May. It was lovley to meet all the other ladies that came and learn from them all. Well done Jan.

  4. cherrie Says:

    You sure do have some beautiful work there. I am sure people will be grateful for the warmth through the winter as well as the art and work that has gone into this massive effort. I also like the idea of painting with bleach. I might have to give this a go one day. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Cherrie

  5. Krystyna Kowalski Says:

    Well done ladies you are all amazing. Your quilts are really going to brighten up the lives of some people in need. Wish I was there to help with pressing and the like. News of your efforts have made it all the way to Denmark . Who know princess Mary might even get wind of your admirable efforts. Lots of love to you all.

  6. Dale Says:

    It was a great day and I can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Nikki Says:

    Fantastic work, team!

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