Sewing and sleeping and shopping……

and champagne and chocolate and eating and chatting and crying (sad movie) and laughing ( happy movie) ……..what a lovely way to spend the weekend.  (Quote ‘borrowed’ from Bonnie!)


Between the 3 of us we managed to boost the Lancefield economy substantially on Saturday morning (book shop, dress shop, florist/gift shop, hardware store and bakery all did VERY well!)    I even managed to have some time to read our latest book club book (v. good so far!) Most of my ‘creative’ time was taken up making invitations but I did manage to do some sewing……….finally binding quilts for daughters 2 and 3.  (They have been sitting in my bedroom, already quilted for about 2 years now – everything for Sewjourn took over – so I have two very excited girls – and another one who is asking when hers will be done!)

AND I have to tell you using the Matilda’s Own binding ruler and corner tool was fantastic.  At first when the girls suggested I use these tools (Meredithe designed the corner thingy- don’t know it’s real name and it’s not on their website yet) I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never had a hassle with cutting binding or doing the mitred corners BUT both made it SO quick and easy that I’m putting them on my wish list!

So now I just have some handsewing to do this week and the WIP list will be two shorter.

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  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Jan…looks like I missed out on a great fun weekend…I am sure there will be others….are you having Xmas in July this year? will catch up soon…Linda B

  2. Moira Says:

    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend packed “chocabloc” full of good things!! I popped into the florist/gift shop last time I drove through Lansfield, and it’s such a great shop, isn’t it! I certainly didn’t leave empty handed. Same with the bakery. Unfortunately didn’t get time that day to look anywhere else in town. That was a while back now. Looking forward to hopefully catching up with you in Lansfield sometime Jan (eventually!) Absolutely can’t wait to see Sewjourn. Great to hear you have so many bookings! Enjoy the school holidays Love Moira x

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