Sunday Stash No. 33

This is my stash of yoyos from today……..made whilst spending 10 hours manning the door of our club’s gymnastic competition!  I would have gotten more done except my 6 year old daughter insisted on learning how to do them and once she had was very reluctant to stop!  And as much as I want to get the yoyo curtain for the Princess Room finished the idea of my girls enjoying playing with fabric delights me even more.

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PS. Daughter No. 3’s team came 2nd overall for Level 1 (pity their coach is in quarrantine so couldn’t be there to watch!) and No. 2’s team came 1st overall for Level 3………..and I’ve well and truly done my duty for another year……….

2 Responses to “Sunday Stash No. 33”

  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Good pile – what are the fabric you used?

  2. June & Rob Says:

    Congraulations girls on your results in the Gym Comps. Hope you all had a fun day.

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