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I love it when the cleaning is done and Sewjourn is ready for guests to enjoy…..

….pity that my house isn’t as sparkling clean and tidy when I come back home!

Another thing I’m enjoying today is the end of the school term……holidays……plenty of time to relax and enjoy.  And I’m enjoying that we are off to Warrnambool tomorrow for a week!  (Not enjoying the packing and getting everything else organised before we leave.)  And I’m enjoying the fact that our tax is UP TO DATE.  And I’ve enjoyed catching up with lots of lovely friends this week.  And I’m hoping for some time to do some sewing…….maybe just maybe there will be some crafty things on this blog for a change!

Other things

The last two weeks seem to have been dominated by the Bushfire Quilts – that’s fine, it was great fun and SO rewarding.  (You can read other accounts of Saturday here and here also).  But a few other things have been happening around here too – OK so not much cleaning but catching up on tax (and vowing not to get so behind again…..),  netball (the Angels won by 1 goal after being behind by 6 at half time – all the parents are telling me it was the best game of the season – maybe they don’t need the coach there after all??) and gymnastics comps (both D2 and D3’s teams came first on the weekend – well done girls).

And thinking about Sewjourn.  Bookings are fantastic – better than we could ever have hoped for in our first year and we LOVE that you love it.  But it means that it’s getting more difficult for me to do all the cleaning myself.  For quite a while my husband and a few friends have been hassling me to get someone to help out but it’s hard……….it’s got to be the right person, I’m pretty fussy and it’s got to be done properly!  It’s not just the cleaning but I need someone who will do all the ‘special touches’ as well……..the beds need to be straightened properly, flowers, choccies…….we want it to have that ‘WOW’ factor when you arrive.  So if you think YOU could be the person I’m looking for or know someone who might be interested please contact me here.  (And even though I’m saying I’m fussy etc I really would be OK to work for!!!)  We would be looking for someone fairly local to Lancefield.

Also thinking about planning a few workshops for next year. Kellie has already mentioned one on her blog which will hopefully be running early 2010.  (For anyone who hasn’t seen Kellie’s work – it is exquisite -see below!)



If you have any other thoughts or ideas about what you would like to see offered please email me.  On that note, I had a weekend of ‘Christmas in July’ workshops planned for this year (last year’s were lots of fun!) but since I’ve been so busy and the added fact that we now have a wedding on the Friday night they won’t be going ahead this year…….sorry to anyone who was hoping to come, this has been a hard decision but for once I just need to accept that I can’t do everything!…….I am certainly planning on doing it again next year.  BUT the upside is that July 17-19 is NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENT!!  Please email me soon if you are interested in booking this weekend as it is the only one available before December.

And today I had lunch with a friend from school – it was so lovely to catch up.  Even though we don’t see each other that often we still seem to know each other well!  She gave me these lovely coasters as a belated birthday present…….aren’t I lucky?

What a day!

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in any way with the Quilt Hanging or with making the quilts for those affected by the recent bushfires.  What an amazing effort!

Thanks go to……..

Girls from all over Australia who have sent us fabric, blocks or quilt tops

All the lovely ladies who have pieced, quilted and bound the gorgeous quilts

The people from church who worked in the kitchen and doing other things to support us on Saturday

To Jodie, Kellie and Kaye for lending us some of their special works – just helping to add another dimension to the display

AND to all the wonderful people who came along on the day to help make it the success that it was!  We were truly overwhelmed.   And thankyou for helping us raise the money we needed to make sure all the quilts were finished off ready for distribution.

The winner of the raffle was Marg Flood from Bendigo and she chose the candlewicking quilt….enjoy!

But the absolute highlight of the day was when two young girls who have suffered deep losses due to the bushfires came and chose their quilts – even though we were fighting back tears it was an incredible experience and makes all the hard work worthwhile.  This week we will start distributing the rest of the quilts and there will be a flickr group where you can view them all and will track where they are going  (I will post the link when I get it all organised).

Set Up

OK, so not everything went to plan with getting ready for the Quilt Hanging.  One of the ways we were going to hang some of the quilts didn’t work quite like I expected but my DH has improvised (cutting up a wooden venetian in the process) and I think we are back on track.

However that was a small part of the day and the rest of it was filled with positives:

  • I have the Selvedge Dress in my hot little hands and can’t wait to set her up on the model today
  • I got to have lunch with the amazingly gorgeous Kellie yesterday and she’s lent us 4 quilts and 3 cushions for display. (And believe me the real things are all just as beautiful as on her blog!) 
  • And we now have a small display of works from textile artist, Kaye Shanks

Amazing photo uploaded from Jodie’s blog. 

So, roll on tomorrow (but let me have time to do all the things I need to do today first…….like go to assembly because all 3 girls are singing in the school choir, a quick time-out coffee with the school mums following that – because you guys keep me sane (sort-of), Patchwork House for their sale, down to the hall for setting up, off to inter-school sports to umpire the netball (because I found out YESTERDAY that I am rostered on today and grade 5 girl had a melt-down when I said I wouldn’t be able to make it), netball training after school, work tonight……..oh, and finish hand sewing the binding on one of the raffle quilts).  If you come along tomorrow please come up and say ‘Hi’ – I might be the one asleep in the corner!

And the second surprise…….

is that the Selvedge Dress will be on display at the Quilt Hanging!  That’s right you can see it close up (but not close enough to touch…….no fingers on this masterpiece, we promise Jodie).  And what’s more there will be a door prize drawn every half an hour!  Thanks to the generosity of Jodie from Ric-Rac we have selvedge keyrings and patterns to give away……every 30 minutes!  And of course our raffle – the lucky winner will get to choose between two quilts – one in the traditional style with gorgeous candlewicking blocks and the other a modern fresh design in lime green and aqua. 


Apologies, not great photos at all but my ‘to-do’ list is FAR too long tonight to spend ages getting better ones!

And for those with sharp eyes, no the binding is not on in this photo but yes, it will be finished by Saturday!

Tickets will be on sale on the day – 1 for $2, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10.  Raffle will be drawn at 4pm.


Rotary clothesline

Don’t you just love the old Rotary clothesline?  Last Friday when I was cleaning up at Sewjourn I needed to get some of the hand towels and tea towels dry and I didn’t have lots of time………and there was still frost on the ground when I arrived (which wasn’t THAT early) and fog hanging in the air and the mercury hadn’t hit double figures……… my chances were pretty slim I thought.  At home on our compact fold-away clothesline which is tucked out of sight there wouldn’t have been a hope.  But to my delight (yes, small things please me!) the faithful old Rotary clothesline spun around in the breeze and in no time they were dry.

Counting down……

…..the days until the Quilt Hanging.  Trying to get everything organised in between working, children and life in general.  But it’s all going well.  Hopefully one more surprise to come……..but we are still working on that.  Meanwhile mark the date in your diaries and come along if you can.  Don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ if you do…

And for some lovely photos have a look at Suse‘s photostream on flickr.  She has some great ones from Sewjourn and she has agreed to let us use a couple on our new brochure………thanks Suse.

lounge room by [Suse]  I got the Princess Room this time by [Suse] 


Sunday Stash No 35

Fabric for a panel on a denim A-line skirt (project for AFTER the Bushfires Quilts are all finished!)  Bought from Somerset Patchwork – can’t remember what the range is called!

For more Sunday Stash pop over and visit Tam.

Another one off to the Quilters…….

Last night at about 9pm I said to my husband that I just needed to ‘finish’ another Bushfires quilt to go to the quilters today when truthfully I’d only cut about 1/10th of it out and none was pieced!  But anyone who knows me (especially those who I was at Uni with – Moira!!) will know that I work best under pressure and even though it was a pretty late night the quilt is off to the quilters today.


And speaking of quilters, I need to mention how FANTASTIC Gayle Stewart from Balmoral Quilting in Bendigo has been!!  She has done about 10 quilts for us now – a couple of them for nothing and the others at a very discounted price.  And as always her quilting is beautiful.  She has chosen all the designs herself and they all suit the varied quilts so well.  To top it off she has fitted us into her busy schedule and her turn around time has been incredible.  (And she is doing two more for us this weekend……..OK so maybe I put others under pressure sometimes too!)