Today I received 7 (yes SEVEN) quilts back via my Mum from Bendigo……Gayle from Balmoral Quilting has been an absolute star getting them done for us…….now onto the binding!  Of course they all need to be finished before our Quilt Hanging(Speaking of which there are a couple of suprise appearances being organised for the day but more of that in the next post………..)

And speaking of productive, this lovely lady has been at Sewjourn again this weekend and when we called in to mow the lawns and do a few odd jobs this afternoon she was just finishing off the last of her projects for the weekend……..the twenty-fifth item no less!!!  Is this a record?  Has anyone completed more than this in one stay at Sewjourn?  I know Lara was very productive a couple of weeks ago as was Annie (and the rest of the cast) but 25!!!?  Soon I promise to update the Sew ‘n’ Tell part of our website with some of the projects people have worked on at Sewjourn but for now you can always check flickr.

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  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Jan – do you need some binding done to finish these? Let me know, Bron

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