Rotary clothesline

Don’t you just love the old Rotary clothesline?  Last Friday when I was cleaning up at Sewjourn I needed to get some of the hand towels and tea towels dry and I didn’t have lots of time………and there was still frost on the ground when I arrived (which wasn’t THAT early) and fog hanging in the air and the mercury hadn’t hit double figures……… my chances were pretty slim I thought.  At home on our compact fold-away clothesline which is tucked out of sight there wouldn’t have been a hope.  But to my delight (yes, small things please me!) the faithful old Rotary clothesline spun around in the breeze and in no time they were dry.

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  1. trashalou Says:

    We often have heavy frosts here in the Winter and CK’s always helpful suggestion when I moan about drying is

    ‘Hang them out overnight and let the water freeze. In the morning unpeg them and with a quick flick SNAP all the ice off and voila – clean, dry clothes.’

    Have to confess not been game enough yet 😉

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