Set Up

OK, so not everything went to plan with getting ready for the Quilt Hanging.  One of the ways we were going to hang some of the quilts didn’t work quite like I expected but my DH has improvised (cutting up a wooden venetian in the process) and I think we are back on track.

However that was a small part of the day and the rest of it was filled with positives:

  • I have the Selvedge Dress in my hot little hands and can’t wait to set her up on the model today
  • I got to have lunch with the amazingly gorgeous Kellie yesterday and she’s lent us 4 quilts and 3 cushions for display. (And believe me the real things are all just as beautiful as on her blog!) 
  • And we now have a small display of works from textile artist, Kaye Shanks

Amazing photo uploaded from Jodie’s blog. 

So, roll on tomorrow (but let me have time to do all the things I need to do today first…….like go to assembly because all 3 girls are singing in the school choir, a quick time-out coffee with the school mums following that – because you guys keep me sane (sort-of), Patchwork House for their sale, down to the hall for setting up, off to inter-school sports to umpire the netball (because I found out YESTERDAY that I am rostered on today and grade 5 girl had a melt-down when I said I wouldn’t be able to make it), netball training after school, work tonight……..oh, and finish hand sewing the binding on one of the raffle quilts).  If you come along tomorrow please come up and say ‘Hi’ – I might be the one asleep in the corner!

4 Responses to “Set Up”

  1. CurlyPops Says:

    Good luck for tomorrow… I hope you have an amazing day!

  2. Pam Says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow.Tonight ,at work please read the orders twice……Thanks from us all for all your hard work in the organisation of this quilt venture… cheers Pam

  3. Moira Says:

    Wow- what a day you’ve had- Hope it all went well! Hope you get to have some quality (if not quantity!) sleep tonight – and hope tomorrow goes REALLY WELL!! Will be thinking of you all and wishing I could pop in! Moira xx

  4. Anna Says:

    Amazing job Jan and team! Really enjoyed seeing the quilts this morning, having some lovely chats and delicious scones and even winning a door prize! Best wishes with getting the remaining quilts finished and away.

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