Coming up for breath……

When I started my 7 weeks of full time work I knew it would mean less reading blogs and less posting…….but it wasn’t my intention to disappear altogether!  But it seems that is what has happened over the past few weeks…..haven’t even had time to read other’s blogs!  Work is good though – it’s the juggling fitting in my ‘usual jobs’ and Sewjourn and being a mum on top of this that is keeping me on my toes! Thanks to those lovely people that have emailed to see how I was travelling…….the answer is good (I think!)

Some really good things about the past couple of weeks have included:

  • One of my best friends having a beautiful, healthy baby girl
  • My Mum coming to help out, be chief cook, taxi driver, Book Week Costume coordinator, etc etc
  • Having a great night at our school fundraiser last weekend
  • Meeting lots of interesting people through work and getting to see how different pharmacies operate
  • Earning some money!

But trying to keep on top of everything with Sewjourn has been hard over the past couple of weeks and let’s just say this week has proved to be the most challenging yet!  Needless to say, going up to Lancefield to clean after work last night I was feeling quite disheartened.  Driving into Sewjourn though (having not been there for a couple of weeks) and seeing the gorgeous daffodils flowering again, I realised how much I love the place and my mood lifted.  Our original philosophy with Sewjourn still stands….’Relax, Create and Enjoy’…….our aim was to create a special place for small groups of friends to have ‘time out’.  And I was reminded how many people have told me over the past year that this is exactly what they have done.  Apart from feeling encouraged by this I also realised……..the last year!  This weekend marks the first anniversary of Sewjourn opening!  And what a fantastic year it has been.  I have met so many amazing people and had lots and lots of fun along the way.  So thank you to each and every one of you that has contributed to this journey…..your enthusiasm is a great encouragement.

And, yes of course we should celebrate with a giveaway!  I haven’t worked out the final details yet but pop back over the weekend for more info……..

8 Responses to “Coming up for breath……”

  1. Moira Says:

    Hi Jan,
    Great to know your “juggling” has been going along ok.
    Wow!!! That’s amazing – 12 months already!
    Moira xx

  2. trashalou Says:

    Wow! One year. Oh how I wish I lived a little closer. Maybe one year when I come home……

  3. suse Says:

    Happy birthday to Sewjourn!

    I’m glad you’re surviving your full time stint. We were sorry not to see you last weekend, but glad you sent the Smiley Husband along in your stead.

    Take care,

  4. Bronwyn Says:

    Hi Jan
    So glad you made it through your full-time work in one piece! How wonderful knowing that your lovely place has been running so successfully for 1 year – bet it feels like yesterday that you were still putting finishing touches on it. I think you and the house both need a birthday present!

  5. Mary Says:

    Hi Jan, Congrats on Sewjourn’s 1st birthday…what an achievement! Just thought I’d let you know Little Miss 7 is coping very well while mum is not home full time and your mum has been a lovely helper to have in the classroom. The girls looked fab on Book Character Day. How exciting it must be to see your dream come to fruition. Well done!

  6. Linda B Says:

    Hi Jan….Happy Birthday to Sewjourn…just where has the last 12 months gone. You have done a wonderful job juggling everything…definately a “Supermum”….Time for you to have some timeout
    …looking forward to my next wekend at “Sewjourn”..just the best retreat in Victoria…well done

  7. Kate Says:

    ongrats on 1 year – I wish I lived a lot closer!

  8. Tinniegirl Says:

    Oh I missed this post. Hang in there Jan. All this hard work will pay off. On good days I’m sure it already is. On the hard days it’s always hard to see the forest for the trees. xxx

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