Day out in Brunswick

A couple of  weeks ago Bron and I had a nice day out in Brunswick – visiting Nikki and GJ fabrics.  And we both managed to come away with quite a few goodies.  I particuarly wanted the Lap Top Bag pattern but as it fits into the ‘advanced bag’ category I bought a simpler one to start with.  (I’ve made bags before but Nikki’s patterns are so much more comprehensive and the end result is so much more professional – well hers are anyway!)  And whilst I was at it I picked up a couple of purse patterns too.  So stay tuned for some new bags and purses…….

2 Responses to “Day out in Brunswick”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I’ll be staying tuned!!! ‘Twas lovely to see you both.

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    Ooh it is on the blog – now it has to be done!! It was a lovely day out!! Hi Nikki!

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