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I’m sure you’ve seen Kellie’s gorgeous work……..even though she’s only been quilting for a couple of years she produces the most amazing quilts and has had quite a few published in Homespun


Uploaded from Don’t Look Now blog

And the exciting news is that Kellie is coming to Sewjourn in February for a Weekend Workshop.  Further details will be available very soon but I can tell you it will be on the weekend of 5-7 Feburary 2010 and places will be limited.  So if you think you might be interested in coming along to spend the weekend at Sewjourn AND do workshops with Kellie then leave me a comment or email me.   Me……..I can’t wait!!!



5 Responses to “Don’t Look Now….”

  1. Lara Says:

    Oh my goodness Jan, that would be superb! I shall have to check my diary and liaise with the other half, but I would be extremely keen to come along. Shall stay in touch!

  2. Tanya Says:

    Similar to Lara- I would love love love to come, have been admiring Kellie’s work from afar for ages I am ready to go closer! Please put me down as a potential. Have also been admiring Sewjourn from afar for ages and I would love a chance to come. Yeah.

  3. Kellie Says:

    Jan you make me look good!

  4. Leah Says:

    This sounds great! Please count me in if theres room. WOuld love to see Sewjourn too,
    Thanks Leah

  5. Alissa Says:

    Would love to know more detail’s, put me down for a spot.

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