Yoyo Curtain


Original idea – Yoyo curtain for the Princess Room at Sewjourn.

Photo – old as left camera up in Lancefield tonight whilst popping home for work and netball tomorrow.

Found (by daughters in cupboard under stairs whilst converting into a cubby house during school holidays) – extra bag of yoyos for curtain.

Measured – window in door of Princess Room to calculate how many yoyos needed – answer 504.

Counted – yoyos done – 236!!!  Not even half way there!

Aim – 4 yoyos per day and it will be finished by Christmas (?wishful thinking!)

5 Responses to “Yoyo Curtain”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Wow – now THAT’s a project!!! It’ll look sensational.

  2. cherrie Says:

    I think you can do it. Cut out large amounts of circles on your quiet days and you will get there. Hope this blogtoberfest helps me to get a few more items done myself.

  3. jodie Says:

    You were working on this when we were at sewjourn ! It will look spectacular…..maybe if each visitor made you a yo-yo or two?

  4. Dale Says:

    Maybe on a Wed night we can all do 2 for you and that will give you an extra boost each week!

  5. suse Says:

    I love that you call it The Princess Room now.

    ps. re your question about catch up/handover of goods, how about either this Wednesday, or next Monday or Wednesday? Do those days suit? Sorry to be so slow …

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