Gorgeous new throw

My parents came down on Tuesday to visit daughter No. 2 for her recent birthday but I was lucky enough to receive a a present as well!

Using the left-over wool from this  gorgeous rug that she made, my Mum has crotcheted this divine throw, using a pattern from Sackville and Lane.



I LOVE IT!  It’s meant for the other bed in this room at Sewjourn………


……..but it looks good on my couch at home at the moment………..


6 Responses to “Gorgeous new throw”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Love it!

    Great for a day like today. Not.

  2. trashalou Says:

    One day I shall see it all in real life.

  3. Smileykylie Says:

    oh it’s gorgeous!

  4. suse Says:

    Ooh! I love that there will be a crocheted blanket bedroom amongst all the quilt bedrooms.

  5. Pip Lincolne Says:

    Oh that is so lovely! Your Mum is ace!

  6. Bronwyn Says:

    Keep it at home! Looks great on the couch. Do you think ‘our’ scarf is ever going to get done?

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