That time of year…..

It’s been a LOONG time between blog posts (anyone still out there??) but school has finished (no more school lunches for SIX whole weeks), there’s been Carols, gymnastic displays, a bit of shopping, lots of cooking (but no Christmas Card writing I’m afraid…..normally I’m not big on the email version of Christmas greetings but prefer the old-fashioned card in the mail but this year it’s looking like that’s what it is going to be from our house….)

Also had a lovely dinner with the UFO girls, lots of laughter, great food, more laughter, our challenges revealed and declarations made for next year.


And today the girls and I delivered a car load of ‘holiday things’ to Sewjourn.  Whilst I love having other people stay at Sewjourn, love the fact that others enjoy it too and have thoroughly enjoyed this year and met so many great people through the whole experience I must admit I do get excited when it comes to this time of year and we can go and relax there for a few weeks ourselves!!!  Today we cleaned, packed the cupboards with our food and clothes and generally made the place ‘ours’ again so that when we arrive a few days after Christmas it will be straight into relaxing!  (I’m hoping there will be a bit of creating in there too – and I’ve probably already delivered more projects than I’ll get through but no doubt I’ll cart a few more up next week too).

Of course, after such a busy year of visitors (with an even busier one set for next year) there are a few maintenance things to do.  The first is new ironing board covers….DONE!


And don’t let these few photos of flowers fool you…….there’s plenty of gardening to be done!








Mind you, the pumpkins that have appeared amongst the lavender are doing VERY well!  This photo was taken last week and they are about three times the size now!


And if you are in Melbourne and happen to get on tram 253 have a look for this art work inside………………..



4 Responses to “That time of year…..”

  1. Moira Says:

    Hi Jan!!
    (In answer to your question of “anyone out there?”……. yes I am!)
    Was thinking about you yesterday and today, as I nearly had a family catch-up in Lancefield today – but ended up being Woodend instead.
    Wow – your flowers look amazing!
    Enjoy your family time at Sewjourn over the coming weeks – Hope you have a well deserved break. (Enjoy watching those pumpkins grow!)
    And before then, have a wonderful Christmas.
    Lots of Love,
    Moira x

  2. Kerry Says:

    Still here…..

  3. Janellybelly Says:

    Enjoy the school holidays Jan and have a Blessed Christmas and 2010!
    Janelle xx

  4. Mary Says:

    Oh wow….the flowers look gorgeous! Well done to Ella on her tram art work…if I get on tram 253 where will it take me??? lol
    Have a lovely and blessed Christmas all of you. Enjoy taking time out for family and friends and enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation.
    Mary xxx

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