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Just a minute………in January


The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Steig Larsson – can’t put down the last book in the Millenium trilogy. (But not any blogs as I haven’t had regular internet access)


Daughter No. 1’s eleventh birthday


Relaxing family time over the holidays, lots of sunshine and swimming and the fact that the girls all had a happy start to the new school year on Thursday

Looking forward to……

Kellie’s workshop at Sewjourn this weekend!


Finishing off lots of projects (photos to come as soon as I master how to upload from the new camera) including daughter no. 3’s quilt, doing my Around the Block sewing

Planning (or dreaming)

About some exciting travel plans……..

It’s arrived….



Big box.


Lots of bubble wrap to play with.


Loads of instructions, cords, plugs etc.


Hopefully loads of good photos (certainly loads of good fun!)



Lately I’ve been feeling like all our decorating and handyman efforts go into Sewjourn which doesn’t leave a lot of time, energy or money for home.  But just before Christmas our deck wall which had been bare cement sheet for about 5 years got a splash of paint……..and it looks great!


Part of the delay was choosing the colour but now that it’s done it’s fantastic.  One of the best things is that the color changes with the time of day.




Edit…….this was meant to be posted about five days ago but due to lack of reliable internet access here it’s been somewhat delayed!  Sorry….fingers crossed this time.

We’ve had lots of fun over the Christmas week spending time with both families, giving and receiving gifts and eating lots!





And now it’s lovely to be in Lancefield just spending time together, relaxing and doing a few odd jobs around Sewjourn (well, Mal is anyway!) 

There hasn’t been much time to reflect on the past year but it has been a busy one.  I was reading my declarations here and whilst they probably haven’t all been achieved I don’t feel like it’s been a total loss either.

 I DID turn 40…….whether I was really fit I’m not sure!  It was lots of fun though. 

 As for finishing one project a month, well lots of things have been finished but probably not one per month.  There was of course the unexpected quilting for those affected by the bushfires and there were many projects finished there so if you count those then I think I can give this point a tick.

 Has this year been less busy?  Yes I think so although it has still been pretty crazy.  Maybe that’s just the way it’s destined to be!

 2009 has seen me join Around the Block  which is fun and challenging, meet lots of nice people through the Bushfires Quilting Bee which flowed on into making a quilt for Breast Cancer in October and with more get togethers planned for  next year, do a stint of full time work, have a couple of lovely holidays, got to know lots more bloggers, (and quite a few more so please don’t be offended if I’ve left you out), go to a few Quilt Shows and watch our gorgeous girls continue growing up.  And it’s been an incredible year for Sewjourn.  I continue to be amazed by the number of bookings and the positive feedback from everyone.  Sure it’s been hard work at times but it’s also been really rewarding and I’ve met some lovely people along the way.


 So….what’s in store for 2010?  Lots of things!  But I’ll tell you them in another post.  For now, wishing you and your families a very happy and peaceful New Year.