Just a minute………in January


The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Steig Larsson – can’t put down the last book in the Millenium trilogy. (But not any blogs as I haven’t had regular internet access)


Daughter No. 1’s eleventh birthday


Relaxing family time over the holidays, lots of sunshine and swimming and the fact that the girls all had a happy start to the new school year on Thursday

Looking forward to……

Kellie’s workshop at Sewjourn this weekend!


Finishing off lots of projects (photos to come as soon as I master how to upload from the new camera) including daughter no. 3’s quilt, doing my Around the Block sewing

Planning (or dreaming)

About some exciting travel plans……..

2 Responses to “Just a minute………in January”

  1. trashalou Says:

    You coming to England for a visit?????

  2. suse Says:

    Happy birthday to your biggest babe!

    Looking forward to seeing the new camera pics.

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