Hmm, not sure………

Love the fabric

Love the design

But just not loving how it is all going together so far…….but the more I do the more I think I DO like it???

(Edit – I’ve done quite a bit more since these photos and it is growing on me……..I think??)

8 Responses to “Hmm, not sure………”

  1. Moira Says:

    Hi Jan,
    Oh I LOVE it!
    (I’ll have it if you don’t want it when it’s finished!!)
    Moira xxxx

  2. Frou Says:

    My immediate thoughts were it needs something neutral, like white sashing to break up the blocks!

  3. Tinniegirl Says:

    I think it’s gorgeous. People say that paintings go through an ugly stage. Perhaps all creations are like that.

  4. Smileykylie Says:

    These are some of my favourite fabrics, with one of my favourite patterns – it looks great so far.
    We really enjoyed seeing you last week, till next time…
    Janelle (at Kylie’s house).

  5. sooz Says:

    Oh I like it! Hope it keeps growing on you.

  6. Frogdancer Says:

    I hate it when that happens!
    If you’re anything like me you’ll plug away at it and it ‘ll probably keep growing on you.

  7. Mary Says:

    I love the colours and the vibrancy of it…stick with it Jan. Now I’m not a quilter just a bit anal about colours, looking at the layout maybe space the squares with pink on them more methodically around the greens, to give it a bit more symmetry. Bit still I think it’s gorgeous! Happy Easter BTW!

  8. ozjane Says:

    This is where my friends would all sit on me and say firmly “Jane shut up!”
    They would know exactly what I am going to say.

    I adore the first pile…….but here comes the kick me back bit……I hate the pink.
    It is so funny as I tend to say I hate all hot or fuchsia pinks but actually I am finding I don’t and maybe if I looked at it long enough I could come around……..but for the moment…..I would replace the pink.
    Now you can all throw brick bats at me………LOL>

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