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A bit neglected…..

This poor little blog is a bit neglected at the moment.  Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot going on.  Actually it DOES mean there’s been a lot going on!  Hopefully back on track now.  I don’t know where to start really.  So please bear with me over the next few days whilst I post about happenings that might be a week or two (or three or four) old.

Meanwhile I love this photo of my threads all lined up ready for use at Kellie’s workshop……it was refreshing to use so many different colors because when I do patchwork most of the time I use trusted ‘919’ an off white thread.  But it seems when I load photos from my new camera  onto the blog they lose sharpness.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I am not saving the photos in the best format?  But they are much sharper than this loaded onto my computer or flickr…….and I’m finally learning how to upload to flickr.  As you can see I’d a bit of a novice when it comes to technical things……would much rather be sewing or cooking!



I DID get lots of sewing time yesterday, interspersed with reading the last Harry Potter.  Here’s a snap-shot of what I completed…….more details on each over the next few days.

And I even practised some free motion quilting…….first time since our workshop weekend.

This afternoon I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Sometimes when you really love a book the movie can be a bit disappointing.  Not this one. 

And tonight I’m doing some secret sewing…….

A good day for sewing…….


It’s a bit cooler in Melbourne this morning which is a refreshing change after days of warm weather.  But it’s a great day for sewing.  I can’t remember the last day that was completely ‘free’ so that I could have the luxury of spending hours sewing but I hold high hopes for today!  Hopefully I’ll be back later in the day to show some projects……..

Enjoy whatever your weekend brings to you!

School holidays


(Edit….oops so long since I’ve done a post forgot to push the ‘publish’ button a last week when I wrote this!)

I love school holidays….not having to get up early and rush everyone into getting ready, not having to pack school lunches, not having all the extra activites that accompany the school term…..

We have some extra children at our house today and everyone is having lots of fun.  Even me.

There’s been beading,

some time on the computer (AND the Wii AND the Nintendo DS),

lunch in the cubby house (playing with toys that seemed long forgotten),

and taking turns on the trampoline.

I’ve even had time to read some blogs for the first time in a while.  AND time to post as well! I’ve been deftly turning a blind eye to the many things I SHOULD be doing however…… washing and ironing and the piles of housework that slowly builds up by the end of term.  But I know it will all be there tomorrow.  Today I’m just enjoying the laughs and squeals and general chaos that ensues.

PS  There’s been a lot going here……..and a little bit of sewing – I’ll try to show you over the next couple of weeks