OK so I’m a groupie…

But I couldn’t resist.

First it was a chat with the lovely Amy Butler  who is such a sweetie.  I was lucky because no-one else was at her stall when I visited so we were able to chat for quite a while whilst I plucked the courage to ask if we could have a photo taken!  She is SO tall that I suggested maybe she should sit or that I could stand on one of her gorgeous chairs but we settled for her just bending down.

Her stall was as divine as her.  She has a new range of fabric coming out in September.

And then the darling Anna drove us to Treadle where Anna Maria Horner had a trunk show and book signing.  Again I managed to talk to her when noone else was right there so …………

I LOVED her booth at the show – vibrant and fun.  The quilt made from her Little Folks Voile  is great.

And to complete a trio Valori Wells came past the stall on Sunday afternoon and since she was having a photo taken with Kellie I thought it was only fair that I got one too.


So there you have it, I’m officially a fabric groupie!

10 Responses to “OK so I’m a groupie…”

  1. jodie Says:

    Who wouldn’t be if they had the opportunity ???

    It all looks so beautiful.

  2. bec Says:

    Ok, I’m jealous. I’d be speechless when I met them!

  3. Moira Says:

    What a lucky groupie you are! And a very happy groupie too, going by the beaming smiles in those photos!
    Wow Jan!!! Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time!!!!!
    The quilt show looks amazing.!.
    Enjoy the rest of your time over there – You’ll probably be pinching yourself, wondering if it’s all real!
    Love Moira xxxxxx

  4. Nikki Says:

    Yup…. groupie.

    Me? A bit jealous.

  5. frayedattheedge Says:

    I’ve just found you via Thimbleanna – you can be a groupie all you like – I once asked Ricky Timms for his autograph!! Some years ago when I was at the big quilt show in Houston, I phoned home to tell my husband I had been hugged by a man – but for some reason when I then said it was Ricky he wasn’t at all worried ….. regards from the glorious Scottish Borders, Anne

  6. trashalou Says:

    Who would blame your groupie-ness.

  7. Thimbleanna Says:

    You’re toooo cute! And very brave. I was too chicken to request pictures — besides, just how would I explain a Wilson picture to the queens of fabric???

  8. Janellybelly Says:

    You lucky thing you! What a fantastic adventure you are having.

  9. Bronwyn Says:

    Oh My Goodness!!

  10. Adele Says:

    you lucky lucky duck! I am so jealous. Looks like you had a fab time!

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